Richard Richard

Rik Mayall colour

Eddie: Why not put an ad in a lonely hearts column?
Richie: Yeah!
Eddie: Yeah, yeah: “Ugly virgin desperately seeks sex of any description..”
Richie: That is absolutely brilliant! “Suave, sophisticated, witty…. Ababababah, ahahahahaha!” Let’s just be economical with the truth. Um, Something “buck”…. yeah, “Hot young buck…”
Eddie: What about BADGER?
Richie: No, I’m more a sort of …
Richie: Fox! That’s good. No that’s good. No that is good…
Eddie: Stoat!
Richie: Foxy stoat?! …. Yeeaah! Yeah, it’s got a ring to it! “Foxy stoat seeks…”
Eddie: PIG!
Richie: “Foxy stoat seeks pig!”…. SHUT UP EDDIE! This is very important! Let’s see now. “Foxy stoat….on the prowl….” Grrrrrrrr, I like that. “Musky….. musky…. fox…. Musky sly old foxy stoat!….. Minky, musky, sly old stoaty, stoaty stoat…” ….oh this is RIDICULOUS!


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