Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri

Paulie Walnuts colour

Sil: What the fuck you doin’? Lunch is ready.
Paulie: I’m washin’ my hands.
Sil: You just washed your hands.
Paulie: And then I tied my shoes.
Sil: So what?
Paulie: I can’t stand touchin’ fuckin’ shoelaces. Ever go to tie your shoes and you notice that the ends of your laces are wet? From what? Why would they be wet?
Sil: I got no fuckin’ idea.
Paulie: You go to public bathrooms? You stand at the urinals?
Hesh: Oh fuck, come on will ya?
Paulie: He’s askin’ me, I’m tellin’ him. And frankly, it’s important. Even if the lace is dry and even if you don’t touch the body of the shoe, bacterium virus migrates from the sole up.
Chris: You see this on TV?
Paulie: I gotta watch TV to figure out the world? Your average men’s shit house is a fuckin’ sewer. You look at ladies’ johns, you could eat maple walnut ice cream from the toilets. Eh, there’s exceptions. But the men’s? Heh. Piss all over the fuckin’ floor. Urinals jammed with cigarettes and mothball cakes. And they can put all the fuckin’ ice they want down there, my friend, it does nothing to kill germs. Even if you keep your shoes tied and you’re not draggin’ your laces through urine…


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