George W Bush

George ‘Dubya’ Bush is such an unbelievable cretin that, in a bizarre and insanely irritating way, he almost places himself beyond parody. So fathomless is the idiocy of the man that it is difficult to exaggerate in any form of caricature; the pratfalling, foot-in-mouth reality is far more moronic than any fiction one could possibly conceive. More worryingly, he also believes himself to be a mouthpiece for the voice of God…which doesn’t say a great deal for the eloquence of the almighty.

All well and good if he were just some dumb, shit-kicking yokel. He could have had a distinguished jug-band career and confined his impact on the course of human history to occasionally battering his wife. But in a perverse twist of fate he wound up being the most powerful man in the free world and used the full might of a military superpower to impose his half-baked manichean dogmas upon it. A monkey with a gun.


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