George Osborne

Georgie porgie is a sheer pleasure to draw. Those narrowed, obsidian eyes which put one in mind of raisins in raw cookie-dough and peer out from the perpetual shadow of a brow furrowed with haughty suspicion. The abundant, fish-bellied cheek-flesh wrapped in sallow skin which makes him look at once corpulent and cadaverous. The sneering, thin-lipped mouth permanently puckered into a posture of petrified disdain. And the crowning distinction – a source of eternal joy for Telegraph cartoonist Christian Adams – that distended, bulbous nose jutting out like a brace of swollen bollocks and the base of a mini ski-jump. Sort of.

Also he’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


3 thoughts on “George Osborne

  1. Can you technically have a ‘brace of swollen bollocks’? Perhaps. Sounds too many for one man to handle. You’d know. Otherwise singularly splendid as ever.

  2. There is certainly something positively fish-like about our George. Like he’s cruising the mid-depths in search of that whimpering shoal of bottom-feeders on which to pounce and gorge his swingeing appetite.

    His mouth, as you most perceptively observe, is quite bizarre. To me it looks like that of a man permanently attempting to pronounce the word “muesli” but being rudely interrupted every time he does so. Little wonder he cannot abide the humble pasty…

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