Jowl (noun) 1. a fold of flesh hanging from the jaw, as of a very fat person; 2. the meat of the cheek of a hog; 3. the dewlap of cattle.

George Osborne

Georgie porgie is a sheer pleasure to draw. Those narrowed, obsidian eyes which put one in mind of raisins in raw cookie-dough and peer out from the perpetual shadow of a brow furrowed with haughty suspicion. The abundant, fish-bellied cheek-flesh wrapped in sallow skin which makes him look at once corpulent and cadaverous. The sneering, thin-lipped mouth permanently puckered into a posture of petrified disdain. And the crowning distinction – a source of eternal joy for Telegraph cartoonist Christian Adams – that distended, bulbous nose jutting out like a brace of swollen bollocks and the base of a mini ski-jump. Sort of.

Also he’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

3 comments on “George Osborne

  1. Tim
    May 18, 2012

    Can you technically have a ‘brace of swollen bollocks’? Perhaps. Sounds too many for one man to handle. You’d know. Otherwise singularly splendid as ever.

  2. Rorington
    May 18, 2012

    There is certainly something positively fish-like about our George. Like he’s cruising the mid-depths in search of that whimpering shoal of bottom-feeders on which to pounce and gorge his swingeing appetite.

    His mouth, as you most perceptively observe, is quite bizarre. To me it looks like that of a man permanently attempting to pronounce the word “muesli” but being rudely interrupted every time he does so. Little wonder he cannot abide the humble pasty…

  3. Dave Myers
    June 11, 2012

    He always makes me think of the pig Squealer from Animal Farm.

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